Srinika Narayan, MS, LAc

Nutritional Analysis, Acupuncture, and Medical Intuition


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Srinika is a licensed acupuncturist as well as practitioner of Nutritional Analysis,  since 2002.  She has a lifelong passion for learning about the body and applying that knowledge. 


What is Nutritional Analysis? 

Nutritional Analysis uses Applied Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing, to pinpoint, with laser-like accuracy, the underlying cause of a health issue, and how to aid the body to overcome these conditions, especially those that are chronic, autoimmune, degenerative, or without hope of recovery.

How does Acupuncture Work? 

Acupuncture works by stimulating points located along specific circulatory pathways in the body, known as meridians. Once energy is flowing freely through these pathways, healing can occur.

Srinika has consolidated her practices from Albany and San Francisco to work here at Labrys in Oakland. To learn more about Srinika's approach, visit, or get to know her through this short video.