Roke holds a grounded and safe where you are respected for who you are. She is present and passionate about making it all about you. Her affirmative, innovative, and playful sessions allow you to:


  • Get to roots of things, quickly and accurately

  • Understand what all needs to happen and what part of it is yours to do

  • Analyze the pros and cons of doing and not-doing your part

  • Gain more perspectives, possibilities, and resources - and hence having more choices

  • Set real and achievable intentions with help from all that you trust

  • Discern amongst, engage with and let go of people as and when appropriate

  • Release and Heal from what no longer serves

  • Make fun of and take power away from your inner critic, sabotages, and old stories

  • Separate your emotions from who you are to ride them till completion

  • Change your habits and patterns if you so wish to

  • Live every day with presence, ease, and content and go to sleep as is.

  • Manifest your dreams faster, with ease, and in more sustainable ways

  • And more.