about roke

Roke Noir, aka Krishnakali Chaudhuri, originally from India, is a Psychosomatic Coach, Life Skills Teacher, and Vedic-Shamanic Energy Practitioner. She has been teaching group classes, holding transformation circles, and facilitating ceremonial events in the Bay Area and India for more than 10 years. She weaves together principles from Scientific Research, Holistic Coaching, Expressive Arts, and Vedic/Shamanic Wisdom, to create her very own style of guidance. When in India she leads transformative retreats for women from around the globe through cultural, spiritual, and humane engagements.





  • Yoga Practice & Training, World Yoga Society,1678 - 1992

  • Diploma in Indian Fine Arts, Chitrangshu, Kolkata, 1985

  • Eastern Philosophy - Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, 1989

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 1991

  • Master of Science in Software System Engineering, George Mason University, Virginia, 1994

  • Hindu & Buddhist Spirituality - Teacher Keshab Bhattacharya, 2010 - Present

  • Co-Active Coaching Principles - Coaches Training Institute

  • Expressive Arts Techniques - UC Berkeley Extention & Peralta Community College

  • Personal & Relational Energy Study - Teacher Lynda Caesara, Berkeley, 2010 - ongoing

  • Earth & Nature based Indigenous American Medicine - The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society , 2018 - ongoing




11 years of experience in System Analysis &  Integration, Organizational Behaviour

& People Management at  HCL, SAIC, Avaya, and Genesys, 1991 - 2004




  • Dare to Manifest, 2006 - Present

  • Siren Project 2009 - 2016

  • Labrys School of Self Healing & Growth, 2017 - Present

  • Psychosomatic Coaching & Life Skills Teacher at Labrys Healthcare Circle, 2018

Acquired Skillsets


  • Remain in my body, be present, and return to self after being triggered or overwhelmed

  • Set and maintain strong boundaries

  • Distinguish between what is real and what is my story

  • Figure out what is my work, my responsibility, and my part in a situation, and what is not.

  • Keep an eye on how I think, behave, and do things as much as possible

  • Understand how different people act and learn differently based on defense mechanisms they grew up with

  • Know that relationship is work and changes can be made

  • Hone my ability to ask for what I need

  • Separate emotions from who I am and able to ride them to safety and healing

  • Count on ways, known and unknown, to manifest

  • Measure my options to choose what's good for me

  • Set clear intentions that are workable for me and do the work that's needed to manifest them



Embodied Abilities

  • being non-judgemental and grounded

  • have acceptance for all that is going on for you

  • getting to the core of the matter, quickly

  • sitting with you irrespective of your emotional state

  • listening to your words and silence

  • always reflecting back your true self

  • believing in your ability to change things

  • trusting there are multiple outcomes that will serve you

  • coming up with creative solutions

  • being sincerely curious about what you are going through so that I can help you

  • coming up with suggestions on resources, possibilities, and ways for you to get what you want

  • knowing that we are here to learn, and everything has something to teach you

  • have a variety of perspectives on any one thing

  • inspiring you to believe in yourself

  • creating manifestation strategies

  • finding and showing the good in you


I was born in a traditional Hindu highest caste and upper middle class family in Kolkata, India. It was 1968.


The child me, got shaped by rich cultural, everyday spirituality, intense gender bias, educational abundance, patriarchal post colonial Hindu traditions, in a country where Destiny is etched on your forehead. The teen me rebelled against a society that lived with broken dreams, silenced voices, and hidden awesomeness. The young me determined to create a life of my own choice, and if possible help all those, specially women and marginalized, who needed a hand to do so. I left my home & my country for America, a land of Dreams. I was 22.


I packed my bag full of all the goodies life had offered me so far: the sense of belonging (family, community, and divinity), excellent education, zeal for survival, every day connection with 330 million gods and goddesses, innocence of my ancestral village, my faith in magic, and the extraordinariness of ordinary human spirit. And left with a promise to always remain close to this country I find incredible and incredulous at the same time.

I created a successful immigrant story in USA. All boxes were checked: Masters Degree in Software Engineering, Corporate Jobs, Lots of Money, International Travels, House, Car, Engaged to an Indian Boy, Healthy, Lots of friends, Trip to visit family with lots of gifts and dollars, etc. etc. I lived, worked, and played for 10 years. Till I was acutely aware of the emptiness I felt inside. Life, as I had created out of my choice, no longer sufficed me. I was 32.


I attended Coaches Training Institute to become a Certified Life Coach and started my Life Coaching & Business Consulting Practice. During my trips to India I worked with my family priest, Keshab Bhattacharya to get deeper into my vedic spiritual roots. I continued facilitating circles of expressive arts for healing and growth. And then I enrolled into Personal Energy Study with Lynda Caesara, in Berkeley, which has been life-changing. My 8 years of work with her (2 years of basic and 6 years of relationship work) expedited self-work to be my personal best and live the life of my choice in beauty and harmony.


This body of knowledge is not only the primary modality I use but has seamlessly integrated the diverse methods and strategies I have acquired from life coaching, Vedic spirituality, expressive arts, relational mediation, entrepreneurship and being Indian.


I continue to offer brand consulting and marketing solutions for small businesses and individual practices through Roke Noir Marketing Solutions. I am 51.

bombay_me copy.jpg

I changed things. Quit my job, left my boyfriend, claimed my gender and sexual identity as a masculine of center lesbian, picked up my canvas, performed, organized events and worked with non-profits related to gender identity and mental health.


I reached out to my mother and started supporting her as she was going through serious mental health issues. And I had time and space to face my own shadows, of depression, anxiety, and lack of self worth.


I turned to what I knew and loved for survival, people-creativity-spirituality. I created year long transformative arts programs for women addressing stubborn mental and emotional issues. The participants even showcased their work to inspire others who could relate. This work over 5 years showed me my path. I started my own self development and education for personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal growth. And knew that my work is to be a catalyst for others who choose to do so. I was 36.