Dare to Manifest is Roke Noir's private practice. Roke is a psychosomatic coach, life-skills teacher, & Vedic-Shamanic energy practitioner. She provides tools for transformation, gleaned from faculties of science, arts, & wisdom, especially for mental & emotional health, improving self-worth and creating a fulfilling life.


As a Certified Life Coach, practicing over 15 years, Roke holds safe space and affirmative reflection for you to be your self. I offer accessible tools and guidance based on who you are and what you want. Her embodied wisdom of Vedic Practices together with 10 years of Energy Study founded on brain science, metaphysics, and shamanic traditions deeply impacts her work as a practitioner.

Roke offers:



Born and brought up in India left me feeling controlled by my destiny. Moving to America at 22, and living an Immigrant success story left me feeling empty inside. I quit my corporate job and the lifestyle that came with it at 35, in search of a more fulfilling life.


I started my private practice as a certified Life Coach (Coaches Training Institute) in 2006 for individuals and in groups. Soon I was integrating Eastern Philosophy and Practices, Expressive Arts techniques, Entrepreneurial Leadership & Management expertise, and skills acquired from my life experience to Co-Active Coaching Principles.


My work deepened through my personal journey of helping my Mother handle her intense mental health issues and facing my inner demons as a consequence of that. I came to be known as an Intersectionalist Coach, as I drew upon the best of east and west, arts and science, business and spirituality - ancient and modern, traditional and experimental. I made my work accessible to the women and queer community by running free year-long expressive arts programs for Self Healing & Growth.


My life and hence my work transcended to a higher level as I immersed myself for 10 years Personal and Relational Energy Study. I picked up new perspectives, tools, and techniques that I use every day to help myself, my clients and my students to create and live a life of choice.


My work demands that I hold myself accountable to be my personal best as a human being and lead a life worthy of myself. My work allows me to add to the wisdom, beauty, and magic that I seek and share. My work is how I live my life. And my life is my testimony.


I invite you to utilize my work.