naturopathic medicine

Dr. Rebeccah Shalev, ND
Naturopathic Medical Doctor


Dr. Shalev loves working with people who have been to many different doctors without ever receiving an accurate diagnosis or effective treatment, or who have been told it is all in their head.  When patients come to her with unexplainable chronic fatigue or pain that no doctor has been able to diagnose, Dr. Shalev tackles the illness as a puzzle to solve with respect for the human being who has already suffered at the hands of an insensitive medical system.


Dr. Shalev believes that symptom relief is important to get you functioning again, but for truly long-term healing to occur, it is necessary to dig down to the root cause of the illness. She looks at any particular symptom’s connection to the rest of your body and mind, and believes that this truly holistic approach contributes to her success.


While Dr. Shalev excels at treating complex, chronic illnesses (such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, and autoimmune conditions), she particularly loves helping to re-balance hormones for any and all genders.   She is experienced in thyroid and adrenal conditions, menopause, PMS, insulin resistance/pre-diabetes, PCOS, testosterone replacement and transgender hormone management. Additionally, she is well versed in environmental medicine and detoxification, as well as in conditions affecting the brain, such as age-related cognitive decline, “brain fog” and adult ADD/ADHD.

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Dr. Shalev can prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, bio-identical and synthetic hormones, herbs and supplements, nutrition, homeopathy, and energetic medicine — and she often moves between these modalities depending on what works best for you, the patient.   She is exceptionally skilled at utilizing advanced laboratory testing to illuminate the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, but also finds that energetic testing (such as muscle testing/Applied Kinesiology/Autonomic Response Testing) can be helpful in providing treatment direction.


More than anything, Dr. Shalev enjoys helping people regain the vitality, energy, and clarity of mind that they have been missing.  To book an appointment with her or to request a free initial phone consult, call 510-859-8460.