· Diseases, chronic pain, or just feeling tired, sick, depressed and stressed, all start with a basic deficiency in the individual cells.

· All cells need the same 3 things –nutrients, oxygen and waste removal – in order to produce enough energy every day to run our body’s systems, like the immune, lymphatic or cardiovascular system.

· These 3 things are delivered and exchanged only through the blood and the circulatory system, specifically through the microcirculation in our 75,000 mile long network of tiny capillaries.

· If the cells don’t receive what they need, then they can’t perform their functions; our health ultimately suffers and we age more quickly.

· 95% of diseases and health problems today all can be traced back to insufficient blood circulation.

· Conventional medicine methods increase blood circulation by only 5-10% plus they have undesirable, harmful side effects.

· BEMER is scientifically proven to help increase blood circulation up to 30% with no negative side effects. As a result, our body can work more efficiently to heal itself, and we feel more energetic.

· There is nothing else available today that can match BEMER’s results.

We offer a variety of convenient ways to learn more about the science behind BEMER, such as periodic local live presentations, in-home demonstrations, YouTube videos or links to educational Webinars to watch on your computer.

To rent or purchase a BEMER please contact: Joan Margaret: (510) 658-9066

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