What's Pride? Ask a Cat!

What does it mean to be living in Pride Month, 2019? For me it means I am proud of being a female in a world full of patriarchy. I am proud of being a radical lesbian in a society dominated by male values. I wake each morning fully aware of the violence, war, rape, disrespect of females by many males in every country on the planet.

Every month of the year I am proud of being a lesbian in a male dominated world. I hold my self-esteem and my self-respect, in-spite-of the oppression of females by males. I am proud of being a feminist, actively using my life to help women and men be ever healthier, so that we may do in the world what we are here to do.

Visually when I think of pride, I envision a pride of lions, and my calico cat Phoenix. Big cats and small all carry themselves with self-respect and high self-esteem. Phoenix has a sense of her own dignity and worth. She takes delight in her achievements. Full of self-confidence, Phoenix leaps from our balcony to the roof of the house next door, and after a tour thereon, leaps back to the balcony. Such self-confidence, physically and spiritually!

I see cats as models to remind me what pride looks like: self-confidence, self-esteem, whole hearty and with beautiful posture. No surprise that I am a chiropractor, caring for spines and bodies of those who believe in their body’s natural healing abilities. We know that bodies heal, when the obstacles are removed: the poisons in food, the chemicals in water, the pollution in the air. Being animals we all thrive when we consume real foods, clean water, clean air. We too are proud, self-loving creatures.