When I was ill for 40 years with a growing cancer (hindsight is great isn’t it?), I was tired all the time, especially after a full day of working with patients. Though I loved my work, it was gradually getting harder for me to muscle test all day long. And my forever mystery was why I wouldn’t exercise my body, go for joyous hikes, even take walks in my neighborhood.

Immune system turned out to be one answer to the question as to why I was tired all the time. In another blog I’ve told you of GcMAF, the Bravo Yogurt that turns the lights on. Within a few days of first consuming it, I was compelled to go for a walk around my block. Though it was tiring, my joy was back, and I have been motivated to take daily walks ever since.

But because my neighborhood was trashed, I was unhappy at my view. I began to bring a bag and pick up the trash, dumping most of it in neighbors’ trash bins. Even when I went to the Reno Integrative Medical Center for immune therapies for three weeks, I walked and picked up trash in my motel’s neighborhood.

Because the surgery for colon cancer removed the bleeding tumor and reason for the anemia, when home again, my strength gradually returned. Within months of daily walks with trash pickup, my neighborhood was looking good, so I expanded my territory to include the freeway exit.

This community service gives me pride when returning home down the exit ramp. And lo, I’ve noticed my freeway exit is no longer filling with trash so fast. Could it be that others are silently helping me with my task to clean mother earth? I’m thinking that to clean up the planet we need to clean up our health.