The Labrys Healthcare Circle has been a vibrant force in the healthcare scene of the Bay Area for the last 30 years. We are a reliable resource for all to become and stay healthy. However, we find ourselves at a cross-roads, and we need your help. We need all of you reading this blog to step-up your support of the Labrys Healthcare Circle. Specifically we need you to refer your friends, coworkers and family. Here’s why:

Dr. Joan took some time off work in 2017 to attend to her own health care. Although she returned to work in 2018 with tons of energy, her patients did not return with the same vigor in scheduling office visits with her. In 2018 though her energy kept getting better, her business was sluggish. As the lease holder of the Thyme Square suite, she’s now unable to make the rent and payroll.

Plan A, with your help, is to increase the number of Dr. Joan’s patient visits dramatically to keep the Labrys Healthcare Circle here in Oakland. Our practitioners would continue to provide private consultations, educational wellness classes, workshops and other fun activities.

If that doesn’t work, in Plan B we’ll have to close the office this year. Each practitioner will work from her home. Roke Noir lives in Oakland, Laura Knoff in Berkeley and Dr. Joan Margaret in Richmond. We can each continue to do our work with you, but it would no longer be a one-stop-shop without our proximity in this great comfortable suite.

If you have been benefitted by working with any of us, please refer your dear ones to us so that we may keep this space for all who need health support. With your help with referrals we can continue to make a living doing what we love. We want you to benefit from our combined wisdom to help you achieve and sustain vibrant, good health in today’s challenging world.