Typically in northern California, August is the hottest weather of the year. It is also fire season, as we’ve been painfully aware especially these last four years. We are like the frogs in a pot of water where the heat is slowly rising toward boiling. Are we noticing?

The opposite season, winter, is also stressful, adding to the detriment of our health. It’s time to put into action those new year’s resolutions. Perhaps one of them was to learn to thrive in this changing environment.

A good place to start, if you’re female, is to spend 2 hours on the first Saturday afternoon of each month with four wise Labrys Healthcare practitioners and other knowledge-seekers to learn the best of self care. Join our Women's Health support Circle! It is FREE.

In July the room was lively with 13 guests. Although we described our symptoms that may seriously diminish our quality of life, we found ourselves able to talk about our health, collect everyone’s helpful suggestions and laugh together in those moments of light-hearted sharing.

Old feminists among us (including myself) may recall that our second wave began in the 1960s and 1970s with conscious raising (CR) groups. It occurs to me that these first Saturday events are CR groups for healing our bodies, minds and spirits. If you are female and want to beat the increasing heat and cold ill effects on your health, join us. And bring a female friend who may also want to start a personal health improvement program.

Don’t wait for your health to slowly get worse, like the poor frog in the pot, until you must rely on drugs and surgery. Take control of your health in this ever-changing environment. Come and enjoy the communal sense of helping yourself and others complete one of life’s purposes: to take better care of your body. Train yourself to look for the root causes of your health problems and get help in solving them.