We are delighted to have Roke Noir join Labrys Healthcare Circle, as Energetic Wellness Consultant. We came to know her well, first as our Outreach Consultant, and then as The Director of Labrys School. “The” Labrys “Circle” offers more comprehensive, holistic, and innovative care with Roke to guide you through challenges you are facing in any realm of your life, be it personal, relational, occupational or financial. She is passionate about applying Energetic Competency in her consulting practice and teaching about it in her classes, to help you live a fulfilling life. Book a Free Session for an Energetic Wellness Assessment by the end of February with Roke (in person or via phone/video). By the end of the session, you will gain a greater awareness of your overall wellness touching every aspect of life. AND ideas on how to have a smoother ride. This interactive & fun session is her way of saying Hello.

On Sunday, February 24, 1 - 4 pm, come and find out more about how Energetic Competency & Wellness works at our first free introductory class: Be your own Superhero - What Energetic Competency can do for you.

Email Roke or cal//text her at 510.681.9740 to find out more, book a session, or hold a space in the class.