In these crazy viral times it is easy to fall into overwhelm and depression at the degenerating conditions we’re witnessing in the world and in our bodies. The ugly details of recent changes on our planet are indeed depressing. We may be tempted to focus on the individual problems of our own lives. It may appear that we are sheep looking for herd immunity.

I want to remind everyone that while we are individually striving for better health and mental clarity, we are not alone. Yes, there are evil forces afoot: capitalism, patriarchy, even eugenics, to name a few on my own list of concerns. Nevertheless, I strongly believe in the forces of good over evil. Human spirit is a reflection of nature. All animals and plants, even weeds, actively defend ourselves and our next generations against the pathogens – viruses, bacteria, fungus – which try to take over our lives and to kill us.

Quite naturally our communities share what we know from eons of living on the earth. Our natural remedies are supplements, herbs, nutritious foods and social interactions which are all healing. We gather to share with each other what we know to keep safe from those who would do us harm in the name of profit.

We can see that our planet and our individual bodies are under attack by climate change and pollution, allowing the pathogens to take advantage of our weakened minds and immune systems. The evidence has been gathered and tracked since World War II with the petrochemical industry (including my father, a chemical engineer) attacking natural medicine and giving birth to the pharmaceutical industry. Rachel Carson (1907-1964) is our hero because she was the first to call our attention to the pesticide DDT in 1962 with her book Silent Spring. Now nearly 60 years later we are experiencing an even more silent spring.

Rise again, is our call to action. Rise individually out of our overwhelm and depression to take back our planet and our bodies. We, the ninety eight percent of the world population who are not rich parasites, will win against pollution and illness. Each individual in the world must do their part to dissolve this evil with resistance. We can no longer keep silent.