Those who are daughters but not mothers, have a magical opportunity, I believe, to focus our mother energy on ourselves and others in our communities. It’s not only the children who need nurturing and care, but each of us teens, adults and elders, too. This is the reason I initially decided to become a doctor, so that I would learn to take better care of myself and those in my community.

Especially when we are feeling ill, the mind may be slow coming up with alternatives to chemical medicine. We may be drawn to drugs to suppress the symptoms. But the first remedy for an acute condition is always to wait and see. I might add, drink water. All the while there are many herbs and homeopathic remedies awaiting us at the health food store. This is when we need a mother who already knows the herbs or the homeopathic remedies that may help us to get through a dire health situation when the mind is slow to know what to do.

Or you need an AK doctor to tell you over the phone which reflexes to rub to diminish the symptoms of an acute reaction until you can enjoy an office visit with Dr. Joan to find the root cause of your distress. (AK stands for Applied Kinesiology).

The Labrys Healthcare Circle is here for you to learn to be a better mother, for yourself and our communities. When you improve your own health, you learn how to do that for others. We are four practitioners now, so we have the strength to hold events for you to learn in group gatherings, additional to individual sessions. Soon we are planning a Health Practitioners Buffet for you to sample each of our offerings, thereby learning a little more about yourself and how to improve your health. Come join us.