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Many clients have asked how they can improve their immunity to prevent succumbing to the novel corona virus. It is important to remember the "Goldy Locks principle" with all nutrients: not too much, and not too little, but just right.

  1. I am recommending that people take extra vitamin C, up to bowel tolerance, or to avoid digestive upset, take liposomal vitamin C at 6000 to 10,000 mg (6-10 grams) per day, in divided doses. Vitamin C particularly supports our barrier defenses and virus fighting white blood cells. When we need more vitamin C we absorb more.

  2. Another immune boosting nutrient is zinc. The best form is one you can taste if you don't need it, so you don't consume an excess, which can upset copper balance. Zinc lozenges taken through the day until they taste metallic is an easy way to supplement zinc. Oysters and chicken liver are good food sources of zinc and copper in balance.

  3. The third important nutrient that most people are deficient in is vitamin D, along with the other fat soluble vitamins A, E, and K2. Every cell has receptors to vitamin D and it helps balance the immune system. All autoimmune conditions are associated with vitamin D deficiency. Ideally one should get a blood test to determine initial vitamin D levels. Healthy ideal levels of 25OH vitamin D are from 40-80 pg/ml.  Most people need 2000 - 6000 IU per day to get to these levels and should retest after 3 months of supplementation to determine needed dosage and possibly prevent excess. Vitamin A (retinol) supports mucous membranes so it is needed also. Vitamin K2 prevents calcium deposits in the soft tissues (such as arteries, kidneys and gall bladder). The best way to improve levels of all these vitamins is from foods that have all 4 fat soluble vitamins, such as unrefined cod liver oil, cod livers (amazingly tasty and available canned online), pasture raised liver, and grass fed ghee or butter. Most people need more oral than solar sources of D (esp in winter or flu season) so a supplement that contains D3 with K2 can be used to get blood levels up to ideal.

  4. For virus symptoms the best herb is Andrographis a powerful antimicrobial.

Many of these can be found online, but pay close attention to quality.  If you need help finding these you can email me and we can set up an appointment to determine the best plan for you to stay healthy.