A day a month to learn, share, practice and receive guidance for self healing, personal growth, and strategies for every day living. We call it Women's Health Support Circle at Labrys.

First we will do a group checking. Then together, all the practitioners address the health issues each of the participants are dealing with. You will walk out with information, tools, and practices you can learn more about and integrate with your self care to make yourself feel better.

We will meet on the second Saturdays 4-6 pm on Zoom. This is a free community event. All our four practitioners, Dr. Joan Margaret, D.C. Laura Knoff, Dr. Rebecca Shalev, N.D. and Roke Noir will be present to facilitate this support circle.

Please RSVP at 510.681.9740 or labryshealthcarecircle@gmail.com to receive private Zoom Invite.