Summer brings us more time and warmth in which to enjoy nature in her beauty. Our bodies and health are part of nature, and summer gives us some lazy, relaxing days to contemplate how to best improve our health.

I’d like to suggest that one way might be to examine and heal your genetic mutations, those acquired in your life time, and those inherited from your ancestors. Although the human genome project has given us lots of information about our genes, and some companies offer an analysis of your individual genes and mutations from your saliva sample, the laboratory results give scant information on what we can do to improve genetic function. Most people are unaware how much their genes are positively (and negatively) effected by nutrition and daily lifestyle habits.

Earlier this year I enjoyed a weekend seminar/ovular with doctor-students working with J Dunn, D.C. She uses a map of the metabolic pathways in each cell, and adds each potential location of enzymatic mutations, known as SNPs (single neucleotide polymorphisms). These SNPs, prevent the pathways from working efficiently, slowing processes so we cannot fully nourish and cleanse each cell. She uses muscle testing to identify a patient’s genetic functions and how to correct them nutritionally. Her protocol is now one of the Applied Kinesiology methods I use.

Prior to studying Dr. Dunn’s work, homeopathy was the only modality that I knew changes one’s genetic expression. NAET is a form of homeopathy, and I have combined Dr. Dunn’s work with NAET to reduce the number of supplements needed regularly to correct the expression of genetic mutations.

In all cases of the small sample of patients with whom I am practicing her work I notice some positive results. I believe genetics has been the missing clinical piece for my patients’ care. I hope many of you will add this important piece to your healthcare as we work together. When you call my office to schedule, mention that you want the three appointments needed to do the genetic analysis and perform the NAET sessions.

This genetic health work is especially important for those interested in producing children. How wonderful that before conception parents can give their children the gift of fully functional genes. It makes sense that natural healing, without drugs and surgery, can heal our species.

Please. Don’t wait for a health crisis or diagnosed disease. Take action now, this summer.