Are you someone who needs help to balance your immune system? Do you want to enjoy better energy, improve sleep, regain full range of motion of a joint, eliminate pain in the belly, back, head, or legs, and regain your vibrant health? Or perhaps you already know my work and want to return to further improve your health. (My own clinical skills improve daily, getting better health results now than 10 or even one year ago.)

Immune Balancing is my name for what I do to help you in these perilous times. During this pandemic there are lots of references in the news to the importance of a strong immune system. And yet few discuss the importance of balancing the immune system. To “boost” the immune system may not be the best way to go about it, because the wrong remedy can exacerbate a body’s imbalances. Much of the time an immune system is hyper-functioning in some areas, and hypo-functioning in others as it struggles to balance the whole body, as best as it can. Hyper-immunity leads to allergies and autoimmune conditions. Hypo-immunity is a precursor to frequent colds, flu, and even cancer. It is nearly impossible to properly balance immunity without the added tool of muscle testing.

To understand each patient’s individual needs I use Applied Kinesiology (advanced muscle testing) and my educated intuition. I’m able to touch an area on your body, muscle test using your arm, and within minutes say whether a pain is scary and needs to be looked at by a medical doctor, or is something you can take care of yourself to get rid of the cause of the pain. And of course it is best if I can to continue to monitor your progress, correct your techniques of self-massage, stretches/exercises and food choices and refer you to other great resources.

At the end of the day, we want your blood and lymph to be flowing, all your precious white blood cells protecting each body cell and tissue, each body part to be in clear communication with every other body part, through a balanced nervous system. The key word in achieving optimal health is balance.