Holiday stress plagues many of us these months, along with the excitement of visiting with friends and family. Some of us focus our spiritual energy in November on experiencing gratitude in our lives. I invite you to carry this gratitude into your lives year-round with HeartMath®. By using these simple meditations, you will reduce your stress and counter your feelings of overwhelm.

Years of research at the non-profit Institute of HeartMath® in Boulder Creek, CA, has demonstrated a powerful relationship in your body. By shifting positive emotions to the area of the heart you cause profound effects on the heart, the brain, hormonal balance and the immune and autonomic nervous systems.

In nature oscillators entrain to each other. If you swing two pendulums side-by-side, in time, they will swing in identical or complementary cycles. Commonly many women who become roommates soon begin having their menstrual periods at the same time. In other words, any cyclical pattern tends to entrain with other similar cyclical patterns. In humans all organ systems entrain to the heart, the most powerful oscillator in the body.

Heart rate variability (HRV), having to do with the beat-to-beat measurement, is shown to be the “most powerful predictor of all cause illness” on the planet – a more powerful predictor for a sudden cardiac event than any other common heart related stress factor, such as cholesterol, smoking, obesity and poor diet.

HeartMath® research has shown that shifting your attention to the area of the heart, breathing rhythmically through the heart, and recalling a time when you felt a deep sense of appreciation (love, care, joy, gratitude, etc.) causes the heart to shift into a state called coherence or entrainment. This coherence is reflected in a favorable shift in HRV, harmonizing autonomic nervous system function. This physiologic state of coherence has measurable and beneficial effects on adrenal hormone secretion, immune function, decision-making, mental and emotional health, the health of the heart and human performance.

If you want to experience HeartMath®, I shall lead us in HeartMath® meditation during our next First Saturday Women’s Health Support Circle at our office on November 2nd at 2 PM. Come and learn how to reduce your stress and anxiety, increase your energy and flexibility, and balance your emotions by using this simple, self-healing method. Oh, and don’t worry: you don’t have to use any numbers or math in the process.

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