What is culture? Where does culture come from? Basically culture is what your mother taught you about how to live and especially what to eat. Her mother taught her from what her mother taught her… For centuries this was unchanged and unchallenged. Unfortunately today how we live and what we eat is dictated by corporations who want to sell us stuff in order to make the most money in the least amount of time. This has proven to be unhealthy for us individually and as a society.

We need to slow down and enjoy our food. Start by chewing your food slowly and thoroughly. You may begin to realize that your fast food meal isn’t that good when you slow down and actually taste it. Think about your food culture. What foods and spices are traditional to your ancient cultural and family history? You may have to go back several generations to before industrialized food became so common, but everyone alive today can find at least one cultural food to enjoy. Take the time to make a meal your great-great-grandmother would have made from ingredients she would have recognized. There is a reason that certain foods were revered and used to sustain and heal people for centuries. Real food is nourishing on all levels. It is the foundation of overall health and supports entire communities. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just fresh and made by hand with love, just like mom used to make. Our ancient mothers knew how to heal us with food. Honor their knowledge by making and eating real food, slowly, and with gratitude and love.