As many of you may know, I took time off in 2017 to have immune-boosting therapies in Reno followed by colon cancer surgery in Oakland. When the bleeding tumor was removed, my iron stores were replenished and I regained my energy.

This was not my first experience with cancer. In my early 30s I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and was cured in one month (as per lab results and exam at the Cleveland Clinic) by using a homeopathic remedy, Carcinocin 200C.

My question has always been: why did I have cancer? These days I think of cancer as a whole-body, chronic illness. No longer can I think of breast cancer as different from colon cancer or cervical cancer. I believe cancer grows in the cells of one tissue or another due to injury in that location. Exposure to pesticides, mold, smoke, cigarettes are all known to contribute to cancer by repeatedly injuring tissues. Intestinal injury from parasites, eating wheat and sugar, are known to contribute to leaky gut (and leaky brain). Recent studies link mammograms (applying pressure and radiation) to increased risk of breast cancer.

In my case a traumatic brain injury at birth from forceps delivery causing concussion led to immune dysfunction as a child (hay fever and 25 years of the drug Benadryl), compounded by sugar and wheat addiction. I was set up for illness long before I was an adult.

Our whole body responds magnificently to heal from genetic and environmental assaults. Sometimes that healing process becomes overwhelmed and we need some help from experienced professionals. I’m now 76 years old. I am filled with gratitude. I have lived long enough to use this precious experience to help others heal. My optimal wellness journey through cancer has helped me learn how to take better care of myself, and how to help you reach optimal wellness.