Many have asked me if I would teach them to muscle test, and some have asked how they can learn what I know about helping bodies to heal. Muscle testing is a tool to help us understand the needs of the body. A good way to start the new year is to begin to learn muscle testing by taking a class called Touch for Health. There is an introductory class for you in mid April and May, 2020. It is taught by Jerri Miner, Qi Gong teacher at Wen Wu School. I’ve been taking Qi Gong classes with Jerri for many years, and I highly recommend her. I especially enjoy her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her background in teaching adaptive exercises. For details and to register see the West Contra Costa Adult Education website,

After this hands-on introduction to muscle testing, you may want to learn more. Go to to find classes, mostly in the Los Angeles area or at for classes around the country. Or you may prefer on-line instruction at

Once you have taken one of these introductions to Touch for Health, you are welcome to contact me about a future classes in muscle testing. To study with me you will need a basic understanding of muscle testing and/or Touch For Health. Included in these classes will be how to self-test and use surrogates. When four or more women are ready to commit to attend six classes- two Saturdays per month for three months, I will contact those on the list to set up a schedule. To be added to the waiting list for intermediate muscle testing classes with Joan, call 510-658-9066.

But first you must have attended introductory classes to be sure you truly know what you are getting into, not just wanting some of “Joan’s magic.” Joan has no magic. It is the body that holds the magic of healing itself, and muscle testing gives us a language for understanding what the body wants in order to create our best possible health.