This medicinal food turns on the immune system like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s not regular yogurt that you eat with fruit for a snack. It contains colostrum and specific probiotic bacteria. This is what we received if breast fed as a baby, which I was not. Others are lacking a full immune function due to birth by caesarian section or during our lives having taken either drug or herbal antibiotics. No doubt we all need to restart our microbiome and our immune system.

There are many diseases that respond well to this therapy, including cancer and autism. GcMAF is the protein we make naturally and that viruses destroy, hence disabling our production of macrophage white blood cells and 11 other immune functions. See the youtube lectures from the GcMAF conference in Moscow, 2017. When we take the yogurt daily, our immune system begins to make GcMAF again. Simple.

Without macrophages, our ability to fight against bacteria, candida, fungus, molds, parasites and viruses is diminished and then gone. This is how we get sick and die, slowly, throughout our lifetimes. It’s not “aging" causing us to lack energy and be depressed or anxious; it’s poor immune function!

Dosage is important: start with 1/4 tsp. and slowly work up to 2 tbsp. twice a day, which takes a couple weeks for some of us, and 5 months for others. It’s powerful and initiates a detoxification process, hence: go slow.

At the website I suggest you buy the already made yogurt, 1/2 liter of goat milk, or cow milk if the goat is unavailable this season. Try it and see if you like the effects on your body and mind. Buying from Florida it costs $72 plus cold shipping. Or if you are sure you will be able to follow through on making it from raw milk at home, buy the starter kit, $119 for a 3-pack. I started with a month of their prepared yogurt, then had the new energy to make it myself from the starter kit using raw goat milk from the El Cerrito Natural Grocery; raw milk is also available from Three-Stone Hearth on University Avenue in Berkeley.