It’s time for me to say the most difficult thing while I’m here at Labrys: Goodbye. I’ve been working with Joan Margaret, DC for 13 years, and now I find that life must take me in a very different direction, for my body needs some time away from the Bay Area.

There have been exciting changes at Labrys Healthcare Circle over the last 4 years: the opening of our Labrys School for Wimmin and Girls, assisting the Bay Area Lesbian Archives reach their own independence, and the creation of an online newsletter and our brand new website! Now we find ourselves delightfully observing more growth of Labrys Healthcare Circle as we expand our practice to invite a Naturopathic Doctor, Rebeccah Shelev, ND, and an Energetic Wellness Coach & Teacher, Roke Noir, who bring new and revitalizing energy into our fold.

While my health has been improving consistently working with Joan Margaret, Laura Knoff, and other natural healers, there are too many obstacles in this population-dense environment which keep me from recovering from daily stressors. It is time for me to take time for myself and change my lifestyle in search for a better quality-of-life. I need to turn my frown upside down, and that requires another path of adventure.

I’ll be heading up to the Anderson Springs neighborhood just north of Middletown, CA, only a few hours from here. The ever-increasing intensity of wireless energy and activity has overwhelmed my nervous system. My body must reduce the daily amount of EMF exposure by moving away from this densely populated region.

With fewer people and therefore, fewer devices active in my immediate vicinity, my body has a better chance to withstand a “lighter” assault and maintain her integrity and focus in life—adapting and healing. My brain must make this protective decision for the rest of my body while my heart emotes for those of you I’ll miss. I’m off to find that mysterious remedy that seems to work so well--a fresh coconut, plenty of green grass, bright sunshine and a cool breeze as I rest in a swinging hammock.

I hope to see you soon as you find me peacefully awaiting my next visit with Joan Margaret in this Most Special of Healing Spaces, The Labrys Healthcare Circle. I’ll be reading something very interesting and entertaining in the lobby right next to you!

Many Blessings to you and your families and friends. Please invite as many of them to experience a few moments within this exciting array of wonderful alternative healing modalities available at The Labrys Healthcare Circle.

In Love and Light, Always,

Kristi Matthews, former office goddess for Joan Margaret, DC