by Joan Margaret

BEMER vascular therapy is delivered while you lie on a mat for eight minutes. On a direct current (DC) carrier wave the mat emits a patented signal that has wonderfully good health effects. Each session improves microcirculation between 28 and 31 percent. As a consequence we improve ATP production in the mitochondria, white blood cell function and cellular detoxification. More nutrients including oxygen get to the cell and more waste products are taken away by the venous blood and lymph systems.

Scientific studies have documented that the BEMER improves microcirculation, enabling the body to better utilize its own natural processes. Natural healing improves because the BEMER increases vasomotion, blood flow, venous blood return and oxygen reuptake. As a consequence the body increases the function of every body cell: absorption of nutrients, immune function, mitochondrial action to make more ATP (the energy molecule), which naturally improves cellular energy and general metabolism. This makes us feel good, because we are getting what every cell wants: nutrients, including oxygen, and a clean environment.

My background to understanding BEMER technology began in the early 1990s. Richard Gerber and Robert Becker’s research and writings on The Body Electric (the title of one of Becker’s books) first grabbed my attention. Gerber’s Vibrational Medicine was my constant companion for years, as I reread it many times. But there were no practical applications available for Becker and Gerber’s work.

Twenty years later in 2009, a patient introduced me to BEMER and I immediately recognized the work of Gerber and Becker. I borrowed a unit for two weeks, and was excited by the results in my cat Bambina, who was paralyzed. In her first BEMER session, this feral cat began to purr, which I’d never heard in our eight years together! And the next morning symptoms of urinary tract infection were gone!

Over the next few months I purchased one for my mother, one for my home and one for my patients at the office. My mother’s vascular dementia symptoms were gone within three months and I got my lovely mother back at 94! I must say it has been extremely gratifying to watch all who use it with any regularity improve their vitality and enjoyment of life.

My work with patients using Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, Bio Geometric Integration and Functional Medicine also helps patients return to health.

And I find that the BEMER helps us feel better faster because it speeds up the body’s natural healing processes, whatever other therapies we use. And with better health, it reduces the number of office visits to doctors and other therapists.

Initially what many of us notice is that mood and energy improve, because as the cells receive increased oxygen and other nutrients and they are also cleansed of metabolic waste. BEMER helps us return to better health sooner and to maintain good health as we age.

Suggestions for Access to a BEMER

We offer individual sessions in the office at the Labrys Healthcare Circle. I also have a mat in the treatment room, for use during treatment sessions. We also have a few rental units for our patients to use short term. And you can buy one by linking to If you are interested in becoming a distributor, you may also investigate that on the BEMER website.

Once a month on a Saturday morning we offer a Wellness Discussion if you would like to delve deeper into this subject. These offerings are available by calling to schedule through Kristi, our office goddess.