Summer is here and that means spending more time in the heat (unless you live in foggy Berkeley!). You may want to make sure to stay hydrated so here are some tips and a recipe for a natural hydration beverage. Drinking water can improve circulation and regularity, detoxify, and even cure a headache! As we age we lose our sense of thirst, but we still need to drink water regularly. Babies are 75% water and many adults over the age of 60 are only 50% water. As we age we dry out. If you are thirsty you are already a bit dehydrated.

1) Use a water purifier to make sure your water doesn't contain chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and chloramine that can taste bad and disrupt normal metabolism. Other impurities are possible as well. Get your water tested. I find that the number one reason people don't drink water is that they "don't like the taste".

2) Drink about 1/2 cup of water every waking hour to get half your body weight in ounces. For example if you weigh 140 pounds you need approximately 70 ounces of water each day (140/2=70).

3) Herbal teas count toward your water intake, but some teas such as nettle and black tea are diuretic (they increase urine output). Drink a bit more water.

4) Flavor your water with fresh organic fruit such as lemon, lime, orange, kiwi, berries or cucumber. It will look inviting and taste better too.

5) If you are sweating and need to replace electrolytes, avoid the sports beverages with their artificial ingredients and colorings and make your own for less money. You can make it to your own taste and add whatever fruit you like.

Electrolyte Refresher

  • 12 oz coconut water

  • 1 tsp-1Tbsp lemon or lime juice

  • pinch of sea salt

Mix all together, add a slice of fruit and enjoy. You can multiply the recipe and keep a container on hand in the fridge all summer.

Keep a water bottle handy and enjoy your summer.

Refreshing pure water with a twist