As the leaves fall from the trees, the wheel of the year turns and the air begins to cool, we may don sweaters and slowly turn inward. While some thrive as the seasons change, others begin to experience symptoms of illness, attributing it to aging. I challenge you to beat the stereotype that getting old is the same as becoming disabled. Whether young or old, all of us can improve the symptoms that we typically think of as aging. There’s a lot you can do for yourself at any age so that when you find yourself at 50 or 90, you may still feel “young.”

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is always teaching me new treatments in the many seminars and webinars I attend. Most recently the topic was insomnia. Those of you who have been my patients may remember learning a self-treatment called Injury Recall Technique (IRT). The newest research in AK shows us that old injuries disrupt sleep neurologically, so that either we are unable to fall asleep, or we wake in the middle of the night.

For example, sleep disruption usually happens during REM sleep, which normally cycles every hour and a quarter to hour and a half, sometimes waking us in the middle of a dream. We may think we need to wake to go pee or eat something. But we may wake up because the eyes in their normal random eye movements (REM) pause to flick toward the area of injury, disrupting normal REM dynamics.

The symptom area is often the gut tube, the illeo cecal valve or valve of Husted, and the area of treatment with IRT or other pain techniques may be anywhere in the body, not necessarily the symptom area. We find which area is of primary importance by muscle testing, eyes open and eyes closed, then have you move your eyes under closed lids in a circle to find which direction causes a muscle inhibition. Only with muscle testing can we learn the cause of the sleep disruption and fix it. In other words, memory of injury causes neurological and hormonal responses. Therefore, gut injuries the body has adapted to neurologically in the daytime, will show up when asleep, (eyes closed).

Sometimes you can’t figure out why you are experiencing symptoms and you need some help. Perhaps it’s acute, like an allergy to bug bites or a sprained ankle. Maybe it’s chronic, like the flu or cold that you can’t shake after weeks of good self-care. Don’t just let it go. All big fires start as small fires. When symptoms start, consider alternatives to allopathic medicine and get help.

Injury can include a scary diagnosis from your medical doctor of diabetes, cancer, heart/circulatory diseases, or infections. They may tell you that you need immediate intervention by drugs or surgery. Don’t jump into allopathic treatment. Consider alternatives, either first or accompanying your doctor’s medicine.

We at the Labrys Healthcare Circle absolutely love to help you improve these, and other health conditions. We love our work because our clients love the results, or we’d not still be in business. We know the body heals itself, especially with a little help. Now in my 30th year of practice, I thrive on keeping my patients’ health (and my own health) tip-top. Consider scheduling a phone consultation or appointment with us. We will give you the attention and time you deserve to help you improve your health.