Those of us with chronic back pain are always looking for ways to reduce the inflammation and feel better. Well, read on because I’ve several suggestions.

If you are already one of my patients, you know I’m always talking about our need to take care of the Ileo Cecal Valve, the sphincter located between the small and large intestines. There are numerous such sphincters along the gut tube, but this is the one most contributing to low back pain. I’ve written a pamphlet on how to care for it. During an office visit I personalize the pamphlet for you after an exam and teaching daily care. We had a spontaneous “Ileo Cecal Valve Party” last month at our Women’s Health Support, Free Monthly Check-In, which got us all laughing.

Here is a simple do-it-yourself way to reduce back pain by stimulating reflexes on your feet using a common kitchen item. Take off your shoes, socks are fine. Lay a broom on the floor and either seated or standing, place your feet so the broom handle is under both feet from left to right and stand with the handle under your feet. If you need to stabilize yourself, hold onto a chair or door frame. If standing is too difficult you can press your feet firmly against the broom handle. Move your feet over the handle to gradually put pressure everywhere along the bottom of each foot to find the sore points. These sore points represent blocked energy which cause pain in the body. Pressure on sore points on the feet releases blockages, reducing pain.

I was told it would likely take at least three days of morning and evening application before I would notice any change in the back pain so I stuck with it even though my feet hurt like heck. Initially I could only stand a few seconds on the broom handle in each session. By the end of the first week I was getting results. In a few days I developed advanced technique, rolling both feet against the handle simultaneously. After having done this for the last 2 months, I find that my pain is very much reduced and localized to the sacroiliac joint, which I can address with chiropractic treatment.

According to foot reflexology charts, which you can find online, the spine is represented along the inner arch of each foot. For example, sciatica is associated with the middle areas of the heel. The ileo cecal valve is located on the right foot along the outer edge of the heel toward the toes (see chart).

I love to work with people who have chronic pain because I’m good at finding the root causes. Commonly I find “sub-clinical” infections and early malfunctioning of glands and organs, and I will send you home with easy homework to rub a reflex or take an herb. If you’d like more help with improving your health, consider scheduling a phone consultation or appointment with me.

How to stand on the broom handle to relieve back pain.