Foundational Nutrition

  • Veggiewoman’s Guide to Health which includes basic nutrition information and more than 70 delicious and simple recipes.

  • Computer analysis of your three day food/mood journal, l compared to your specific needs.

  • Recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages to improve your conditions and energy.

  • Suggestions for optional specific booster foods, herbs, and supplements if necessary, that can help support your health.

  • Ongoing support via email or 5-10 minute phone calls.

  • Links to articles and research you may find useful to encourage good health habits.

                   DIGEST, ABSORB, AND METABOLIZE.

Your food choices affect your energy and mental clarity. They even affect your desire to exercise and the quality of your sleep.


I analyse your current diet and make healthier substitutions you may find are even more delicious. I make suggestions for lifestyle changes to get you to your best health. We work on motivation and behavior change together to support your overall health.


I teach my clients how to feel better!


Through Foundational Nutrition Consultation I help them to:

  • Improve food choices and preparation techniques.

  • Incorporate relaxation techniques and gentle movement into daily life.

  • Use herbs and spices to improve taste and health.

  • Identify high quality supplements to meet special needs.


I enjoy working with those who want to take charge of their personal health. My clients soon feel changes that motivate them keep on their path to wellness.