Foundational Nutrition


Certified Nutrition Consultant, Laura Knoff, saved my life. Not in an abstract rhetorical way but literally, her professional intervention is the reason I am able to write this letter today.


Laura is a rare and unique combination of a highly educated, astute, knowledgeable and caring professional who excels in a field too often characterized by outdated and politicized or myopic and simplistic one-dimensional approaches. Laura's solid, up to date background in both traditional and alternative medicine, a keenly discerning mind, her research fluency and perhaps most importantly-her genuine compassion, integrity and commitment to the recovery and well-being of her clients is of great benefit to them both physically and spiritually. In my case she went far beyond the call of duty to enable me to get through a very complex and challenging health crisis. Her determined and insightful efforts were the absolute key to enable me to survive an otherwise bleak prognosis and the debilitating ravages of allopathic misdiagnosis.

I have been intimately and extensively involved in the evolution of the field of Nutrition for over 20 years as both a patient and a practitioner. I know of no-one who could have or would have provided more effective care and creative critical assistance in my time of suffering and need than Laura Knoff. I was very lucky to have found her and would unhesitatingly give her the highest recommendation to others seeking to improve their health with expert professional guidance and support.


— Gratefully, Frank Strick

Both my parents were diabetic. I hoped to escape that horrible disease, but at 35 I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and diabetes. To better my health I attended various diabetes educational groups, and spoke to nutritionists at a nationally renowned program. I followed their advice, but my blood sugars were still above normal half the time. I often felt tired, hungry, and would easily get colds and flu.

Then I attended a class with Laura Knoff, a biochemist, cholesterol researcher, and Certified Nutrition Consultant. She suggested I stop eating refined carbohydrates (white flour, white rice, and sugar, all foods conventional dietitians think acceptable). She also made other easy to follow suggestions.


After two months following her advice my blood sugars dropped to normal. Even when I ate a sugary dessert--against my better judgement-- I had normal blood sugar readings. My cholesterol is not only normal, but in a healthy range. I lost over 80 pounds in a safe manner.

In addition my constantly stuffed up nose cleared up. Not only did I get sick less, when I did get sick I recovered quicker. My hair, which had thinned at my first attempts at dieting, began to re-grow.


I highly recommend Laura Knoff as a nutritionist. She is well educated, friendly, and goes out of her way for clients. She tailors food plans for the individual and understands the diversity of body size in the human race. Eat well and prosper.

— Paula Woods

I was at my wits' end, and my body had lost about 20% of its already minimal weight. My doctor said I would just have to live with the pain and eat more fiber, but nothing would stay down and at times I could only writhe on the floor and gasp. It had gone on for months, my doctor didn't know what to do except prescribe painkillers, and I was out of ideas.
Thank goodness I had Laura Knoff to turn to. She knowledgeably guided me through the process of developing a diet and holistic health regimen that allowed my body to stop torturing me and regain its strength. Now I no longer look like a gaunt concentration camp survivor; I can eat, sleep, and live a full life. As an added perk, I haven't gotten sick this year because my body is so well-cared-for.
I am one happy customer and I highly recommend Laura's services!
David Schroeder


Laura Knoff, B.S.

Nutrition Consultant

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Laura Knoff has been studying nutrition since 1975 and earned her Nutrition Consultant certificate from the Institute for Educational Therapy (now Bauman College) in Penngrove, California.


She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Florida Atlantic University and was a Senior Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with the Lipoprotein Group for eight years. She is continually updating her nutrition knowledge by attend seminars and conferences and by teaching nutrition at Bauman College in Berkeley.  

She is an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and she is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Laura is also the author of The Whole-Food Guide to Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Laura promotes individualized, varied, diet of whole foods, moderate exercise, and skilled relaxation as the keys to optimal health.

As a well respected expert in the field of nutrition, she has appeared, been interviewed, and mentioned on various media channels.