Using skills I’ve developed over my 30+ years of chiropractic practice enables me to read your body’s messages. I use Applied Kinesiology (AK) and manual Muscle Testing along with Functional Medicine, observation, palpation, laboratory testing, and intuition.  I use Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) to allow you to use all essential nutrients. By using the chiropractic technique Bio Geometric Integration, we provide your organs, glands, muscles and joints with the nerve signals needed for the health of every cell.


Your circulation provides blood, lymph and energy to and from your cells  throughout the body. BEMER Vascular Physical Therapy enhances your circulatory function. This improves oxygen and nutrient delivery and detoxification by at least 25%.  I also suggest real foods, exercise, and herbs as natural medicines, with some food supplements chosen from companies I trust and which test well for your body.


For food habit and lifestyle changes I rely on Nutrition Consultant Laura Knoff to provide the detailed support you may need.

For overall wellness of your being; be it somatic, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual, you can see Roke Noir, our Energetic Wellness Consultant.


I facilitate your body’s own ability to heal and teach you how to continue healing on your own. I evaluate your body’s ability to heal from within.


Where function is deficient, I support you to repair and restore that function, which reduces pain and other symptoms.  


When toxins, infections and imbalances contribute to the total body burden, we supply nutrients and physical therapies to reduce the load.


Our work together supports your optimal health at any age, reducing the need for Western medicines.


Each patient learns how to take better care of themselves, creating the gift of health for life. Each session teaches more about how the foods, reflexes, and emotions interplay with illness. Usually a patient leaves each session feeling less pain, more energy, and more hope.


“Thank you for your continued efforts to solve my health mysteries.  And thank you especially for believing in me and teaching me to believe in myself.”  


optimal health