Based on client feedback and internal data analysis, Joan’s hands-on treatments are highly effective in the following areas: 


  • Chiropractic Care: Pain Management & Alignment

  • Allergy Elimination: Relief from Pesky Reactions

  • Digestion: Calm the Gut End to End 

  • Blood Sugar: Free yourself of Sugar Addiction

  • Circulation: Dramatically Improve Blood, Chi, and Lymph Flow

  • Hormones: Natural Balancing

  • Unknowns: Treating Root Causes of Chronic Problems

  • Cancer: Alternative & Affirmative Approaches


A new patient comes to me with a fresh diagnosis of cancer of the uterus.  She is frightened and overwhelmed. I describe Dr. Simonton’s method of visualization used for cancer.  


There are three parts and you must do the all, I tell her.  Over time you will develop your own visualization and it will take only a few seconds each time you visualize, perhaps 10 times/day. Starting out it will take longer as your creativity changes the images into a movie you can rerun often.


First, see your cancerous tissue in all its detail, including what you’ve seen or imagined while researching your condition in books and on-line.  You may see cartoon characters or abstract images or whatever comes to your mind. Hint: see the cancer as benign, easy to destroy. My own image is of mushrooms growing under a big oak tree.


Second, see your action to heal the cancer using realistic images or your drawings are fine.  For me I saw Amazon women on horseback playing croquet, each with a labrys lopping off the tops of the mushrooms.


The third part you must not skip.  You see yourself after you are rid of the cancer, in your life, enjoying activities you are unable to do right now.  For me a light rain fell, washing the mushrooms into the soil, while the Amazons eat lunch under the tree.


My new patient responded by saying she couldn’t see beyond today and the next medical appointment.  However, while she was face down on my treatment table, she started to cry. She had imagined herself swimming in the ocean.  


My clients come in with a wide variety of symptoms and diagnoses, including pain, diabetes, hormone imbalance, weak immunity, allergies, cancer and more.


I work with all ages and stages of health. Asking the correct question is as important as having an answer. Together we work to solve the mystery of dis-ease. I am a sleuth, and I love my work.


I thrive on complex health problems, as well as easy ones. When other practitioners have nothing more to offer, I see many opportunities to improve basic body functions using the many healing modalities I have integrated into my practice.


Learning how the body works and improving health is a fun process. I help guide you to your best health.


A patient I’ve not see in a few years complains that her left knee buckles on standing.  She lies on my adjusting table and I manually test the left leg muscles, finding two of them are weak. Both muscles in AK are related to the adrenal glands.  No surprise, she tells me, because she’s under a lot of stress.


She adds that in the last few months she’s had muscle cramps just above and below the knee. I find she is sensitive to lactic acid (part of the biochemistry of muscle cramps) and put its vial aside.


She also complains of an infection in the gums. While using a magnet over the area while muscle testing, I find she’s reacting to fungus and virus, so I add those vials to treat with NAET.


Next I muscle test to see what herb would negate the muscle weakness caused by the fungus and virus, and find Tulsi, which is especially useful for adrenal fatigue, as well as virus and fungus.


She turns face-down holding the three vials in one hand, while I stimulate acu-points on her back using sound, which is the NAET treatment.  During the 20 minutes in which she continues to hold the vials, I give her a BEMER session, using the sleep setting because she’s not slept well due to pain and worry about her knee. Then I palpate and adjust her spine and skull bones.


When she leaves, she takes a bottle of Tulsi with dosage instructions.


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