optimal health

My passion for natural healing comes from having to learn the hard way that conventional medical system works as crisis care but not overall healthcare. The reason I do this work is to improve my own and my community’s overall health. I trust our body’s ability for self-healing when root causes of ailments and not just symptoms are treated. I believe that our best health insurance is ongoing education and lifestyle.  


My personal story begins in 1977 with a diagnosis of pre-cancer of the cervix.  My doctor was insensitive and hurtful, so I fired him, and then fired my health insurer.  I left the San Francisco Bay Area, where I had grown up, to get care from a world-renowned homeopath and M.D. in Ohio.  The remedy administered cured my cancer in one month.


That whole experience taught me that I could not entrust my long-term health to conventional medical doctors and that I must find another way to ensure my health.  After curing my cancer, I changed my previous lifestyle of eating unhealthy foods and ignoring exposure to environmental toxins. And learned that my health is my work.  

I decided to learn from my own life experience and become a natural healthcare practitioner to be able to heal myself and others. I started by becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. Over time I studied Applied Kinesiology, acupressure, allergy elimination (NAET), nutrition, Bio-Geometric Integration, homeopathy, and Wicca.


I founded the Labrys Healthcare Circle in 1981 and the Labrys School of Self-Healing & Empowerment for Women and Girls in 1995.

Joan Margaret, D.C.


optimal health