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This One Thing

Dare to Manifest 2021 Kickstarter


  A Free Global Online Event for Women  

get THE KEY TO access your powerhouse

Dare to Manifest™ - 2021 Kickstarter 

A Free Global Online Event for Women

who want to struggle less, smile more, and make things happen, easily


This Sunday, January 31

1:00 - 3:00 pm PDT on Zoom


By Roke (Krishnakali) Chaudhuri

Psychosomatic ShadowFire™ Coach  and Transpersonal Energy Educator (Vedic/Shamanic)





At this safe and inspiring all women space held, in community, by Roke, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn & Practice how to do this one thing - get the key to access the powerhouse within you.

  • Take stock of the power tools you have handy and explore ways to use them for healing, empowerment, manifestation, and more.

  • Experience a guided meditation for being in your body, that you can incorporate into your daily self-care to feel safe, calm, and present.

  • Join Access Your Prowess - A Beginners Energy Training Program for Women.

The experience will be a combination of talks, guided journeys, reflections, dialogues, and exercises. The work will be partly cognitive, some expressive, and the rest somatic.



In addition to what your mind and body will learn by simply participating in this visceral experience, you will receive:

  1. Video Recording of the Class 

  2. An E-Journal for keeping track of how you are utilizing your personal power tools for everyday problem solving

  3. Audio Meditation for building a practice to remain safe, calm, and present in your body


The workshop is free but you must register here. Upon registration, you will receive a private Zoom Invitation to the Workshop.

about ROKE


Roke Noir, originally from India, is a Psychosomatic ShadowFire™ Coach and Transpersonal (Vedic-Shamanic) Energy Teacher. She has been teaching group classes, holding transformation circles, and facilitating ceremonial events in the Bay Area and India for more than 12 years. She weaves together principles from Scientific Research, Holistic Coaching, Expressive Arts, and Vedic/Shamanic Wisdom, to create her very own style of guidance. When in India she leads transformative retreats for women from around the globe through cultural, spiritual, and humane engagements.


Roke {aka Krishnakali) Chaudhuri has been teaching classes, facilitating workshops, and holding circles for self-healing and empowerment over more than 15 years.


Her instructions blend the cognitive, creative, expressive, and experiential methodologies. She strives to provide a safe, real, and affirmative experience for every kind of learner. Integrating many contradictions, she holds the journey from chaos to creation, from moment to moment with acceptance of what is and wide-open possibilities for what it may or may not be.


Being from a collective culture and working in and with groups all her life,  Roke welcomes students, diverse in their abilities, to work in group spaces to learn from and support each other while they work at their growth edges.