Shadow Fire Energy Work is an interdisciplinary program, facilitated by Roke Noir, that holds space for your explorative journey over 6 months and offers tools and strategies for you to "call coup on" what gets in your way. You will walk out with more clarity, confidence, and resources; with an expanded perspective on living your life fully, inspired to move ahead.​

The next ShadowFire Group starts Friday, September 18, 2020.


The overall intention of this group is to delve deep within ourselves and work with all that keeps us away from being our whole and natural self. The work will be drawing upon the latest scientific mind-body research, metaphysical paradigms, and Vedic/Shamanic Energy Practices. You will be engaging with mindful, heartfelt, and spirit-blessed women who are all seeking deep shifts, in the group sessions, and throughout the month. You will also get to do personal work with Roke, one on one, once a month. All this will be held by Roke in a safe, grounded, accepting, and playful container - from a place of love and trust. Some of the work will be cognitive, some creative, and the rest somatic. You will walk away with increased self-awareness, upgraded energetic capacity, and a higher level of competency for living a fulfilling life. And a group of women who knows you deeply.




First Group Session: Friday, Sep. 18, 3:00 - 5:00 pm, PDT on Zoom

Below are the suggested dates for future classes (all on Zoom). We will finalize all dates and pick the best regular time slot for the rest of the 6 months on that day.

  • September: Fridays, Sep. 18 + Sep. 25

  • October: Fridays, Oct. 9 + Oct. 23

  • November: Fridays, Nov. 13 + Nov. 27

  • December: Fridays, Dec. 11 + Dec. 18

  • January: Fridays, Jan. 8 + Jan. 22

  • February: Fridays, Feb. 12 + Feb. 26

This program is designed to let you learn at your own pace and style by exploring, experiencing, and expressing yourself in a safe, supportive, and grounded space. You will learn and engage with principles and practices drawn from modern and ancient energetic paradigms, as shared by Roke and deepened by our collective knowing. We will spend time discussing relevant topics, addressing individual quests, and exploring with a variety of intuitive tools.



Contact Roke Noir at to set up a time to talk or zoom in order to measure whether this work in this group is meant for you. She recommends you make time to talk to one or more of the current participants who are enrolled in her groups.

about your teaching facilitator


Roke Noir, originally from India, is a Psychosomatic Coach, Life Skills Teacher, and Vedic-Shamanic Energy Practitioner. She has been teaching group classes, holding transformation circles, and facilitating ceremonial events in the Bay Area and India for more than 10 years. She weaves together principles from Scientific Research, Holistic Coaching, Expressive Arts, and Vedic/Shamanic Wisdom, to create her very own style of guidance. When in India she leads transformative retreats for women from around the globe through cultural, spiritual, and humane engagements.


Roke Noir, aka Krishnakali Chaudhuri, has been teaching classes, facilitating workshops, and holding circles for self-healing and empowerment over more than 15 years.


Her instructions blend the cognitive, creative, expressive, and experiential methodologies. She strives to provide a safe, real, and affirmative experience for every kind of learner.


Being from a collective culture and working in and with groups all her life,  Roke welcomes students, diverse in their abilities and needs to be in a group space.


She also believes that her students don't just learn from her but from each other.