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© 2019 by Labrys Healthcare Circle 

spring 2019





8 sessions, every other sunday

facilitated by roke noir

Energetic Wellness Coach & Teacher




when - where - how much

April 7 - July 24
8 Sundays, 1 - 4 pm
At Labrys Healthcare Circle, 
6536 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 
$60 per session
The group is intentionally limited to 10 participants. 
Questions? Email or call 510.681.9740

want to make things happen? especially those stubborn ones

that keep eluding you

and yet keep tugging at your heart?



Do you want to make more money doing what you like? Find a lover? Deal better with your Anxiety and Depression? Buy a house? Improve your relationship with your partner or child? Create a new life after retirement? Have an idea you want to turn into a business? Have more free time? Feel less alone? What about those dreams you shoved back in the closet in order to take care of others? And then there are those apparently simple ones that you can’t believe you have not done yet!​

Join Dare to Manifest Energetic Coaching Circle, facilitated by Roke Noir, to learn and apply Energetic Manifestation Paradigms to make things happen in your life - all the while being held in a safe space for expressing and exploring yourself within a circle of powerful women who are on a similar journey. In this circle, you will acquire practical tools and skillsets to:

  • Clarify and set your intention in harmony with your authentic self and your overall life

  • Disarm your sabotages, strengthen your allies and maximize your resources - inside and outside

  • Walk the path of manifestation, balanced between being and doing, with ease, grace, and discipline.


The energetic coaching provided by Roke is unique.  She weaves principles from the Coaches Training Institute with energy wisdom from Vedic and shamanic practices, and the latest research on psycho-somatic intelligence.


Unlike coaching sessions that are talk-heavy and rely on mental cognition, which can offer challenges in our path to change, energetic coaching works with the innate wisdom of our full energetic selves, which communicates with the entire spectrum of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms of our bodies. Hence our learning becomes exponentially faster and well integrated into our whole system, down to the cellular level – this is what creates sustainable change.


Each session will include space and time for you to journey along your personal path, guided by Roke and inspired by the collective wisdom of the group. We will explore new tools and techniques that are relevant to handling issues that come up for each one of you. In addition to talking, we will engage in experiential activities like meditations, exercises, ceremonies, art making, theater games, and creative writing, for integrated body learning.


Homework is optional but is strongly recommended for making the most of this coaching experience. You will be given books to read, and exercises to do by yourself or with someone else. You will receive feedback and guidance on an ongoing creative project that assists your work. You will have the option to join in a monthly conference call to share and ask questions.

Roke is offering an Intro Session on April 3 which you can attend, free of cost. Please RSVP at labryshealthcarecircle@gmail.com to hold a space for you.


Or you can call Roke at 510.681.9740 to discuss if joining this circle would benefit you.




about the facilitator


Roke Noir aka Krishnakali Chaudhuri, is an Energy Coach & Teacher, Mediator, Speaker, and Ceremonialist. She offers individual sessions as an Energetic Wellness Consultant at Labrys Healthcare Circle.


Roke is originally from India, with an embodied knowledge of Vedic philosophy and spirituality. She has an MS in Software Systems Engineering from George Mason University and has worked for 13 years in Business Development at Technology Startups in the USA.


Over the last 12 years, she has been practicing Coaching (certified by Coaches Training Institute) and Teaching Manifestation Strategies in the Bay Area. She has completed 10 years of Personal and Relational Psycho-Somatic Energy Study with Lynda Caesara, in Berkeley. She continues to study Shamanic Practices under Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society.