joan's legacy continues...

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Dr. Joan Margaret, D.C. passed away peacefully on March 15, 2022, after a valiant battle to overcome cancer.  She was surrounded by women from her many communities. Her healing energy lives on at Labrys Healthcare Circle as we continue her legacy.

Dr. Rebeccah Shalev, Naturopathic Medical Doctor, has worked with Joan for the past 4 years and has taken over the practice along with another talented energy worker, Srinika Narayan, Licensed Acupuncturist and Nutritional Analyst. Both share skills and philosophies of healing that made Dr. Joan such a wizard at solving healthcare mysteries. We welcome everyone to make an appointment and experience their work at our revitalized Labrys Healthcare Circle.

Roke Noir,  will continue to facilitate coaching, teaching, and spiritual guidance as before. Laura Knoff, Nutrition Consultant has transitioned to online appointments with her current nutrition clients.

labrys healthcare circle

Labrys Healthcare Circle is a one-of-a-kind, natural, integrative, and holistic wellness center.  Our clinic was founded by Dr. Joan Margaret, D.C. in 1989, and for over three decades, has served the Bay Area through personalized treatments and consultations, group education and community support.


Our practitioners integrate a wide range of modalities but share the unifying philosophy that healthcare should address the underlying causes of imbalance, rather than just masking the symptoms.


Guided by Dr. Joan’s founding principles of body autonomy, self-empowerment, education, and community, we are honored to work with you in your journey towards comprehensive well-being and balance in your life.

our practitioners

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Dr. Rebeccah Shalev, N.D.

Naturopathic Medicine


Laura Knoff, B.S., N.C.

Foundational Nutrition​